Susie Muise
Distinguished & Delightful Art


             a Girl and her Brush              

     Upon graduating with a degree in Interior Design at Brigham Young University, Susie Muise dawned her first paint brush, dipped it in a rainbow of acrylic paints and began painting on the walls and furniture of many well known people across the country.  It was the perfect start for a girl in her twenties as she balanced on ladders, carried large crates of supplies onto often busy job sites, and got to work closely with designers and architects.

    That same Santa Barbara girl, in her thirties, moved to Atlanta Georgia and this time dipped her brush in watercolors and for the first time, paint delightfully flowed across paper.  She was soon discovered by a stationery company that put her on the map and in every stationery store across the country.  With requests to license her designs for wallpaper, fabric, prints, books and more Susie was pursued by a leading agency and thus her success as a watercolor illustrator.  

    The year she reached 40, she moved herself back home to Santa Barbara. It was a new leaf for Susie as she retired her watercolor brush and picked up the most exciting one of her life.  A whole new world opened up when she scooped her brush into oil paints and she began to express the beauty she had long dreamed of.   Oil painting classes began and so did the expressions from her teachers of her exciting potential as a representational artist of Impressionism.  Now, with years of classes from Carlos Grasso, David Gallup, Johanna Spinks, Millie Greene and Priscilla Fossek, she is emerging to be one of the areas finest still life painters.  Her love for beautiful objects, interiors and flowers prevail in her stylish still lifes.   Mix that style with her natural born eye for color, continual pursuit to learn, and a life time dedication to art, and you have a girl and a brush to keep your eye on.